Angie has been a licensed massage therapist since 2003. She earned a BS in Health, Physical Education & Recreation from Lock Haven University of PA in 1983, and an MS in School Health Education from the University of Illinois in 1984. A nationally certified athletic trainer also licensed in Florida, Angie became a certified RNR™ practitioner (Reconnecting Neuromuscular Responses) in 2015.

Angie was a high school, and college athlete and her favorite subjects were Health, Physical Education, and Anatomy. Athletic training was a natural fit with her interest in first aid and injury prevention. This field is very hands-on with different types of bodywork included, so Massage became a special interest throughout the years. This combination of training has become an effective therapeutic practice, and since finding RNR™, the effectiveness of her treatments have increased, even more, giving clients pain relief and relaxation.

Other fun facts: plays handbells in the church choir, Sigma Kappa Sorority, likes yard work, collects marbles, Akro Agate, and gumball banks, collects vintage labels (fruit crates, cans); currently has five cats.


Angie’s Professional Affiliations

National Athletic Trainers’ Association

Southeastern Athletic Trainers Association SEATA

Athletic Trainers’ Association of Florida

National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork

American Massage Therapy Association

Florida State Massage Therapy Association

American Massage Therapy Association

West Volusia Regional Chamber of Commerce

Back problems have plagued me for years…Massage has helped me tremendously…RNR™ has done wonders for me. Being a snowbird, I only see my kids a few times a year and even they noticed a difference in my scoliosis when they hugged me and felt a straighter back.

Lois B.

I had a stroke 15 years ago that affected my left side. I developed pain in my right hand from using my cane. RNR™ saved me from having carpal tunnel surgery.

Don P.

After my knee replacement, my lower leg was like putty; swollen, hard and painful even months afterward. In just 3 or 4 RNR™ sessions it feels normal again.

Freda O.

I spend a lot of time typing and after a while, my back and shoulder bother me. RNR™ has allowed me to work at my computer pain-free after years of discomfort.

Debra G.

I have chronic neck and shoulder pain. I have tried doctors, chiropractors, acupuncture. Angie did the most to relieve my pain with RNR™.

Linda R.